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Punjab Tourism

Punjab has rich cultural history. Archaeological excavations revealed that once Punjab has been the cradle of Indus Valley Civilization. Punjab and Punjabis Moolah mantra is "Khana, Peena aur Masti". The lip smacking spicy Punjabi food will make you lick your fingers.

Punjab's culture, spirituality, royal Punjabi palaces, historic battle sites, shrines and temples attracts people from all over the world. The state is not so much popular as tourist attraction but tourism is a swiftly expanding here. There are many places one should not miss to visit;
some of them are enumerated below:


The holy Golden temple is the most respected sikh shrine. The majestic temple's dome and minarets are covered with gold. When rays of sun falls on them in morning the soft silhouette in the water presents amazing view. Harmandir Sahib Gurdwara Golden Temple not only draws pilgrims from near and far but also attracts tourists fore centuries.

The gurdwara has four entrance doors or deoris, in each of the four directions which symbolizes the belief of indiscrimination between caste and creed. The stunning sanctum sanctorum in the temple is radiant in the water of the holy tank. This holy tank is surrounded by marble pavement.

A pathway leads to the main structure. Shish Mahal, Akal Takht, langar hall are the important places in temple.

Wagha Border

It is the only open place from where an Indian can see Pakistan and vice a versa. India-Pakistan border is 1 hrs. drive from Amritsar. The Changing of Guards and the ceremonial lowering of the flags ceremony at sundown have their own symbolic importance and are great tourist attractions.

Jallianwala Bagh

This public garden adjacent to Golden temple enjoys huge chronological status. A memorial is built in remembrance of those who were killed in a massacre on April 13, 1919. This event fuelled the struggle for freedom.

Rock Garden

Rock Garden is also known as Nek Chand's Rock Garden, named after its founder, Nek Chand Saini, who started the garden in 1957. The garden spreads over an area of forty-acre and is sculpted by waste and thrown-away items only. The waterfalls and sculptures of scrap fascinate its visitors.

This beautiful creation appeared on the Indian stamp in the year 1983.

Yadavendra Gardens

The Mughal style terraced lawns, flower beds, fountains, water channels and airy pavilions enclosed by high walls make Yadavendra Gardens a worth visting place for tourists. The bed of mauve and magenta bougainvillea looks stunning.

The cities


The city is popularly nicknamed Manchester of India. Ludhiana exports its world famous hosiery and woolens all over the world. It is the site for famous Kisan Mela. Rural Olympics are held nearby Killa Raipur.


Patiala peg, jootis and parandaas are very famous. The Sports School and the Moti Bagh Palace one should not forget to visit to rightly visualize past of the state.


Modern city Chandigarh is the capital of both Punjab and Haryana. The modern architecture and planning makes Chandigarh extraordinary in the world. The Sukhna Lake and gardens like Rock Garden, Leisure Valley, Rose Garden, Garden of Tranquility, Garden of Rare Plants, Garden of Annuals, Bougainvillea Garden, Botanical Garden, and Garden of Aromatic Plants are an attraction for visitors.