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India Travel Tips

India travel tips section covers important travel tips to be keep in mind before planning a visit to india. It is adviceable to keep this following points to be kept in mind before visitng india.

  • When to go - Climate in india generally very humid in most of the region. Rajasthan Climate - It is advisable to visit rajasthan between Nov - March. Goa - One can visit goa anytime throughout the year as this place is often term as the beaches paradise. The best time to visit goa is Nov-Jan.
  • Make sure you arrange all your bookings for your hotels & tour packages in advance to ensure a smooth and trouble free journey to india.
  • There are several regions in india which are prone to occassional conflict such as manipur, jammu and kashmir.Parts of rajasthan, gujarat, punjab touching pakistan border are also sensitive areas.Goverment advice tourists visiting india to seek consular advice before visiting these areas in india.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Do not drink tap water. Use only canned/mineral water or aerated drinks.
  • Immunizations against viral or bacterial disease are very important and should be done properly.
  • Carry all the important prescriptions and OTC medicines. Do not forget to have the brand names as well as the generic names of the medicines one needs to have.