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Nagaland Tourism

Nagaland, the land of the hospitable and warm Nagas, lies in the corner of India's North-East-bordering Myanmar. The undulating state of Nagaland is extremely charming and lovingly beautiful. Nagaland is mostly a hilly region with a pleasant and salubrious climate throughout the year, except for a small region in the foothills.

It is famous for its exquisitely picturesque landscapes, the vibrantly colorful sunrise and sunset, lush and verdant flora. The land is home to 16 different kinds of tribes, known for their distinct and fascinating cultures. The traditional ceremonial attire of each tribe is in itself, an awe inspiring sight to see.

Cities of Nagaland


Also known as the "Gateway to Nagaland" is the commercial capital of the State. This "City of River People", is the biggest and most advanced industrialized city of the state. The District derives its name from a dialect of Kachari in which 'di' - means river, 'ma' - means great or big, and 'pur' - means city, together denotative as the city near the great river'. One can enjoy sightseeing in Dimapur at Chumukedima, Ruzaphema, Triple Falls, Governor's Camp and Itankagi Wildlife Sanctuary.


Kohima, the capital city of Nagaland with the magnificent view of the rugged Naga Hills offers interesting things to do. It is a home to Angami, Rengma, Kuki and Zeliang Naga tribes. The city is remarkable for the history of World War II. It has religious, monumental, museums and village attractions. Must visit places are The Cathedral of Reconciliation (a modern church), War Cemetery, State Museum, Zoological Park and two beautiful villages of Bara Basti and Khonoma. Barra Basti is the second largest village in Asia.

The Dzukou Valley

It is a picturesque valley is also called by the name of the valley of flowers. There are a variety of different flowers that gloom in this valley. Rhododendrons, orchids, lilies in pink and white are a delight for every nature lover. A trekker's paradise, Dzukou Valley offers excellent trekking spots. The hills, the cliffs, the landscape, the brooks, are ultimately vibrant. Surprisingly 360 varieties of orchids grow in the hillsides.


This tourist hot spot has many attractions like Saramati Peak (the highest peak of Nagaland), Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary, Cave at Salomi, Cave at Mimi, Sukhayap (Lover's Paradise), Wawade Waterfalls, Twin Stones, Village of Siphi, Mikhi (the river of salt) and Yingphi or Yingphire (absolutely rich in historical spots, legends and traditions).


This tourist village is abounding with ethnicity and traditions. The famous tourist attractions of the district are Benuru (rich in traditional values), Mt. Pauna Tourist Village and Mt. Pauna (the third highest peak of Nagaland).

Festivals of Nagaland

Nagaland is a place where fairs and festivals are celebrated round the year. Various tribes and village observe different festivals.

Wildlife of Nagaland

The state has two wildlife sanctuaries. Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary (full of numerous flora and fauna) and Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary (shelter to various animals including some rare species of birds).

Adventure in Nagaland

Adventure sports are extremely thrilling here because of azure hills and clich�d expanses. One can enjoy trekking in the state traversing through vestal and uninfluenced terrains.

Bamboo Work, Wood Carving, Pottery, Blacksmithy,, Ornaments, Crafts Weaving , Spinning , Dyeing, Very rare types of ornaments are also found at the marketplace at a considerable rate.