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Best places to see in Meghalaya

Meghalaya is a beautiful serene land of abundant natural beauty in North-East of India. The looming mountains, cascading waterfalls, the enchanting caves, fresh air and the rustling pines have immensely attracts the tourists.
Meghalaya is a nature lover's paradise. The exotic treasure of flora makes it a botanist's delight and the rare species of birds is a pleasure for Bird watchers. Here we give you a brief introduction to the popular tourist spots in this North-eastern state.


Cherrapunjee, is known all over the world for having the highest rains. It is also famous for its limestone caves. Besides waterfalls and rains Cherrapunjee offers much for tourism. The scenic beauty, gardens, parks, shopping centers, malls, etc. are worth watching. The wealth of Cherrapunjee is yet to be discovered fully. The music produced by waterfalls breaks the silence of the surroundings make it a paradise.

Warda's Lake

Warda's Lake in the heart of capital Shillong is a man made lake bordered with rowed flowerbeds and pavements of sand stone. Exclusive and rare foreign birds and endangered plant species are found in Botanical garden adjacent to the lake. Visitors can enjoy a walk through the garden and boating. The picturesque Warda's lake is also known as Polok Lake.

Shillong Peak

The Shillong Peak is about 10kms from Shillong and 1965 meters above sea level. The peak is the highest point in the state is a great picnic spot too. People loving adventure sports would find it an ideal place for trekking.

Sohpetbneng Peak

Sohpetbneng Peak stands tall at 1,343 meter and is located 20 Kms away from Shillong. Sohpetbneng Peak is considered as a sacred place because according to Khasi mythology, the peak yields enjoyment of divine essence and thus mental solace is gained.

Umiam Lake

Umiam Lake is also called Barapani because of its vastness. There is a story behind the formation of lake which goes as " Once two sisters were coming to Meghalaya from heaven. When on their way, one of the sisters lost her way while the other sister managed to reach her destination. Her heart cried aloud when she did not found her sister. A lake was formed of her tears and this is now known as Umiam Lake. A wide sports complex with a choice of exciting water sports is developed there. The scenic beauty of the entire locality is magical.

Elephant Falls

This is a special waterfall originating from the mountains is the combination of two waterfalls- Wir Phang and Wei Iaplam Falls. The waterfall is named after its elephant head shape. The greenery spreads to adjoining rocks which are covered with ferns.
The forests near the Elephant Falls are definitely not to be missed. Large variety of flora and fauna are found in these jungles which attracts tourists as well as zoologists and botanists from all round the globe.

Crinoline Falls

A water entertainment spot is developed from an existent natural Crinoline water fall. A small zoo and swimming pool is also running there for entertaining children.


The caves in Garo, Khasi and the Janaitia ranges are ready to be explored. These caves are a good tourist spot and are a heaven for wildlife researchers and photographers.