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Malegaon Tour

Location and History

About 57 km. from Nanded is the large and beautiful town of Malegaon. Taluka Loha is the other name for Malegaon. Located in the Nasik district of Maharashtra, lies the big town of Malegaon at the meeting point of the two rivers, Mousam and Girna. After the city if Nasik, Malegaon is the largest city in the district of Nasik. Famous for its textile producing industries and for its power looms, Malegaon has developer itself a lot in the last few decades. According to historians, after the 1857 revolt, the north Indian Muslims sought their refuge here. Since then Malegaon comprises mainly of the Muslim communities. A documentary film Supermen of Malegaon is a film based on the Muslim film fans has made this town comes into limelight and Malegaon has become a household name today.

Places of interest

The most important site is the Urdu Library of Malegaon which is about a 60 years old and has a collection of all well known Urdu authors and their works. Being the most modern library it has books on all topics whether it is poetry or prose, literature or medicines, fiction or humor, history or civilizations or may it be health or education. It is a fully equipped library where the thirst of Urdu readers gets quenched. The Maratha film industry has its base at Maegaon so the sets and film studios here are also a place of attraction for the tourists. Power loom industries are thriving at their best here. Making a visit to the textile or loom workshop is also worthy.

The Malegaon fort was constructed by a Maratha ruler in the 18th century. It stands on the banks of river Mousam. There is a shrine on top of this fort and a temple is there below on the ground. This shows the secular thoughts of the people in those days which are a lesson for all of us. The fort is in a very bad condition today. It is sad to see that one of the country’s rich heritage sites is in such a bad condition. There are about 300 mosques at Malegaon, the Shahi Masjid, being the oldest among them all. The largest cemetery in India is also situated at Malegaon. It covers about 40 acres of land. Another place worth seeing is the largest institution of Islamic education for women, the Jamiatus Swalehaat. Its popularity can b judged by the fact that women and girls from al over the world have come here to study in this institution. This is also a place of tourist attraction.