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Thane Tour

Abode of Lord Ganesha ...Thane district is northwest part of map of Maharashtra and has Nashik and Ahmadnagar to the east, Raigad to the south, Mumbai in north and Pune in the southeast. Popularly known as 'Sristhanaka'.

It was the terminus of the first railway in India and is thus an important landmark in Indian history. This is not all the city was also an important trading centre for Portuguese until 1739.

Thane Creek divides the city of hills and lakes into two distinct parts. It is a booming industrial town with rapidly growing trade, transport and construction activities.


The climate of Thane district is hot and humid. The temperature ranges between minimum 32.37'C and maximum 34.57’C. Due to the assorted topography the distribution of rainfall is uneven. In spite of average annual rainfall of 250-300mm, the mountainous region receives more rainfall than the coastal region.

Naturally beautiful and pollution free Jawahar and Suryamal are the popular hill-stations in Thane district that catch the attention of lot of people.

Rivers in Thane

The City of Lakes - Thane has around 30 lakes. People can enjoy boating and navigate the rivers by water scooter. Vaitarna, Upvan and Ulhas are the main rivers in Thane district.

Vaitarna River flows across Shahapur, Wade and Palghar. Ulhas River coming from Raigad originates from Borghat and end up embracing the Arabian Sea at the Vasai Creek. The Ulhas River divides into the western distributary falling into the Thane creek and Datiware creek near the orifice of the Vaitarna River.

Upvan Lake is located in the foothills of Yeour hills, surrounded by lofty Neelkanth on another side. Its scenic beauty makes it a popular hangout place for people; mainly the young couples find it good for having a tete-a-tete. People can enjoy the landscapic view either sitting on the benches inside the park or roaming around the lake. Some other important lakes are Masunda Lake, Kachrali Lake, Makhmali Lake, Ambe Ghonsali Lake, Siddheshwar Lake, Jail Lake, Wagle Lake, Upvan Lake, Yashasvi Nagar Lake, Kausa Lake, Kharegaon Lake, Raila Devi Lake, Balkum Lake, Rewale Lake and Bramhala-Kolbad Lake.

Places of interest in Thane


Besides Upvan lakeside Talopali is also popular place as meeting point for couples and sharing their best moments sitting on the benches or they can row around in the lake in boats or water scooters. Roadside eateries are a good option to enjoy tangy Bhel to yummy ice cream and nearby Restaurants offer tasty snacks. Talopali is frequently visited by people of all age.

Yeour hills

Yeour hills or Mama Bhanja Hills is must visit for nature lover. The Swami Math is just the right place for those who are in search of peace. The hills house some wild animals too.


The backwoods of Tikujiniwadi is a good picnic spot; here you can spend the entire day playing as well as relish the good feast at the in-house restaurant in the lap of nature.

Places of interest around Thane

Essel World, Water Kingdom, Matheran, Nishiland, Bassein or Vasai, Tansa wildlife sanctuary, Kashi Mira villages and "Mahabaleshwar of Thane District", Jawhar Palace around Thane are the major places of interest to the visitors.