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Panna National Park

State:Madhya Pradesh


Altitude:212-538 metres above sea level

Rainfall(Annual):1100 mm

Panna National Park

Temperature:13.5 to 31.4 Deg C


Best time to Visit:January to May

STD Code:07732


Panna National Park is situated in the central Indian state Madhya Pradesh.It is at a distance of 57 km from Khajuraho.Panna region is famous for its daimond industry.It is also home to some of the best wildlife species in India and is one of the most famous Tiger reserves in the country. Panna National Park is known worldwide for its Wild Cats.This park also includes tigers as well as deers and antelope.Due to its closeness to one of the best-known Indian tourist attraction in India, Khajuraho, the park has the potential of becoming a major tourist attraction.



Panna National Park was a part of the hunting ground of the rulers of Panna, Chhatarpur and Bijawar. The sanctuary created in 1981 was eventually declared a Project Tiger Reserve in 1994.This sanctuary is 22nd in the country and 5th in the state.Legend has it that the Pandavs of Mahabharat spent a good part of their seclusion here in the forests of the Panna National Park. This was ages away, but even now the park region attracted every sort of visitors. The park was the private hunting region of the royal family of Panna. After independence, the park was declared a wildlife sanctuary. It is in the year 1981 that this park was declared a National Park and now it attracts the attention of wildlife enthusiasts in large numbers.

Wildlife in Panna


Madhya Pradesh with abundant wild life reserves attracts attention of many a nature lover. In Panna National Park one can find Tiger,Sloth Bear,Leopard,Wild Dog,Wolf,Hyaena,Caracal and other small cots.Sloth bear has his most favourite home in the rock escarpments and undisturbed vales. The wooded areas are dotted with sambar, the largest of Indian deers, chital and chowsingha. One can easily see nilgai and chinkara in most open areas in the grasslands, specially on the periphery.


The forest is home to some 200 odd species of birds.The list includes a number of Winter Migratory birds too.The National bird of India, Peacock is the most easily spotted one. The dazzling colors and vigor of the bird truly makes it a treat to watch. During monsoons the dancing of the Peacock is one the most attractive view to any visitor.


The other species seen in the Panna National Park are White necked stork, Bareheaded goose, Honey buzzard, King vulture, Blossom headed Parakeet, Paradise flycatcher, Slaty headed Scimitar babbler and many more.

Flora in Panna National Park

The Panna National Park is characterized by extensive plateaus and gorges. The geography of the forest can be broadly classified into three types: -the upper Talgaon Plateau, the middle Hinouta Plateau and the Ken valley.The Panna National Park is set among the Vidhyan hill ranges and is located on the northern part of the state of Madhya Pradesh. The dry and hot climate of the place determines the type of vegetation of the forest. The miscellaneous dry deciduous forest is the common form of vegetation in the sanctuary along with patches of inter spread grasslands.

King Vulture

The major type of vegetation found in the park is Southern tropical dry deciduous dry teak , Northern tropical dry deciduous mixed forest, Dry deciduous scrub forest, Boswellia forest, Dry bamboo brakes, Anogeissus pendula forest.other than these open grasslands, open woodlands with tall grasses and thorny woodlands too are common. The types of trees that cover the forests are Dhawda, Tendu, Saja, Achar, Seja, Salai, Kullu, Aonla, Mahua, Bel and many more.

Fauna in Panna National Park

The Fauna in Panna includes many wild animals like the Tiger, the Jungle Cat, the Wild Dog, the Leopard, the Hyena, the Sambar, the Sloth Bear, the Blue Bull, the Spotted Deer, Ratel the Four-horned Antelope, the Chinkara, the Porcupine, the Jungle Cat, the Hare, the Rusty Spotted Cat, the Ratel and the Tree Shrew, and many more.

How to Reach Panna National Park

By Air

The nearest airport to Panna National park is Khajuraho.It is 37 Kms from Khajuraho.

By Rail

Nearest rail head is Satna and it is a at a distance of 90 Kms from Panna National park.

By Road

The nearest bus stand is Panna it is well connected with all the major cities of Madhya Pradesh.