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Pachmarhi Tour

State:Madhya Pradesh


Altitude:1,100 metres above sea level


Rainfall:785.84 mm

Temperature:14.9 - 25.7 Deg C


Best Time to Visit:Throughout the year

STD Code:07578


Pachmarhi is a hill station in Madhya Pradesh state of India.It is also known as "Satpura Ki Rani"(Queen of Satpura). It is situated at a height of 1000 metres in the valley of the Satpura Range in Hoshangabad district.Pachmarhi is about 210 kilometres from Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh.


Pachmarhi was introduced to the world by Captain James Forsyth of the British Army in 1857. the point where he first sighted and fell in love with the area was named after him and earlier called Forsyth Point. Today this has been renamed Priyadarshini Point.Pachmarhi became a hill station and sanatorium for British troops in the Central Provinces of India.Pachmarhi also served as the summer capital for the Central Provinces. The forest around the town is home to many rare varieties of plants.Even today one can find various monument and churches of the British era in Pachmarhi.

Places to Visit Pachmarhi

Pandava Caves Pandava Caves

An important tourist destination in Pachmarhi is Pandava Caves.he caves were supposed to be constructed around 6th to 7th century. According to the saints, the Pandavas are said to have spent their period of exile in these caves.These caves are now under the archeological survey of India. Caves of All the five brothers Yudhishthira, Arjuna, Nakul, Sahdeo, Bhima and Draupadi are worth visiting.

Jata Shankar

This place is named after the mythological belief that Lord Shiva shaded his matted lock here. This place is formed inside the cave.It was a belief that when the Shiva wants to hide himself due to the fear of Bhasmasur he rested at this place. There is about 108 Shivalinga formed naturally inside this cave. There is water opening from the cave which nobody knows that from where this water comes,and it is popularly known as "Gupta Ganga".Large number of visitors comes here every year. The caves are resounded Jata Shankar by the chirping of birds. A shivlinga is enshrined inside the cave. Large number of pilgrims arrives here to visit this place during the festive season "shivraatri". Temperature inside the cave is very less. Upper part of the cave has a platform where idols of Lord Shankar ,Godess Parvati and Shivlinga have been enshrined. Sadhu and Saints visit Jata Shankar with the holy purpose.

Priya Darshini

This is the point from where the captain Forsyth first viewed the beauty of Pachmarhi in 1857. It is also called as Forsyth Point. When Smt. Indira Gandhi visited here in 1964, this was named as Priyadarshini Point. The point gives a breath taking view of scenery of Pachmarhi.

Bade Mahadev

This cave is about 60 feet long.It is a mythological belief which says that Lord Vishnu incarnated(embodied in flesh especially as human) as Mohini and killed the demon king Bhasmasur here.Large idols of Lord Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and Lord Ganesha have been enshrined inside this cave.Water constantly falls upon the shivlinga inside the cave. A kund is situated in the middle of the cave. There is another cave situated near bade Mahadeo, the cave of Goddess Parvati.

Gupt Mahadev Gupt Mahadev

This cave is about 40 feet long.The path of Gupt Mahadeo goes from inside the Bade Mahadeo. There is a narrow path which leads to Gupt Mahadeo. There is idol of lord Ganesha and Shivlinga enshrined inside the cave. Only eight persons can pass at a time. An idol of lord hanuman has been enshrined at the entrance.


The height of this waterfall is about 150 feet. It is also known as Jamuna Prapat It gives a feel of Milky Way when water comes down. It is one of the most spectacular water falls of Pachmarhi. No visitor can resist the temptation of t he taking a bath in Bee-Fall. Bathing pools here are very popular among the tourist of all age groups.

Dhoopgarh Dhoopgarh

Dhoopgarh is the highest point in Pachmarhi. Earlier it was called as Harvatsa Kot. Visitors can enjoy the view of sunrise and sunset from this point. Nobody miss the chance to be in dialogue with the sun god, when it is innocently cool. Dhoopgarh is 4429 feet above the mean sea level.To see the sun rising and setting is unique experience beyond verbal expression.

Dutch Fall

Dutch Fall is another beautiful waterfall in Pachmarhi. The beauty of waterfall gets many more times at the time of rainy season. The fall can be visited from near. You can experience the water droplets coming at you when you go close to the waterfall.

The Catholic Church and the Christ Church are the architectural marvels worth seeing in Pachmarhi.

Catholic Church

Fairs and Festivals

Pachmarhi is renowned for its Shivratri mela. The religious festival celebrates the marriage of Lord Shiva with Parvati. The annual event takes place in the month of February/March. To mark this occasion devotes come to the Mahadeo Temple, 10 km south of Pachmarhi. They carry symbolic tridents and plant them on top of the nearby, Chauragarh hill.

How to Reach Pachmarhi

By Air

Nearest airport is at Bhopal (195 km) connected by regular flights with Delhi, Gwalior, Jabalpur, Indore and Mumbai.

By Rail

The nearest railhead is at Pipariya which is at a distance of 47 km

By Road

Pachmarhi is connected by regular bus services with Bhopal, Hoshangabad, Nagpur, Pipariya and Chhindwara. Taxis are available at Pipariya.