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Tour to Hubli

Hubli is derived from Kannada word which means Flower creeper. Hubli is North Karnataka’s commercial centre for trade in cotton and iron and also a business hub, and known for industries. Hubli is mainly known for handloom textile units. Hubli is major trading centre for Cotton and groundnuts. Hubli is headquarters for South Western Railway Zone and has very old railway wagon workshop. Hubli has several cotton ginning and procession mills.

Hubli was previously known as Raya Hubli or Elaya Puravada Halli. This city has many important monuments like mosques, churches, temples, and monasteries. Among the sweets, pedas are most famous. One of the largest cotton market in India is found in Hubli. Hubli has many industries related to steel furnitures, food products, machine tools, rubber, leather, electrical, and tanning.

The places to visit in Hubli are:

Chandramouleshwara Temple

This temple was built during Chalukya times, and has an idol of Chandramouleshvara another name for lord Shiva.

Unkal Lake

It’s a perfect picnic water spot, as it has recreational facilities for children, green garden, boating facilities and wonderful view of sunset.

Bhavanishankar Temple

This temple is of Chalukya times, having ten incarnations of God around the image of Sri Narayana.

Sayed Fateh Shah Vali Dargah and Mosque

Famous contractor P.Abdul Gani constructed and improvised this Dargah and Mosque. This is a place where hindu and muslim both come to worship. There is a primary school and high school for girls inside the premises.

Siddharoodha Math

This is the centre of Advaita philosophy preached by Swami Siddharoodha, is the eminent religious institution.


Two holy hairs from the Prophet’s beard is been stored here. This place was built to serve as a hall of justice by Mohammed Ali. Women are strictly not allowed inside. Id Milad un Nabi is celebrated here every year.

Glass House

This glass house resembles the one in Bangalore built by Tipu Sultan. This was inaugurated by Sri. Uma Shankar Dixit, the former Governor of Karnataka.

Nripatunga Betta

This is on top of Unkal Hill and is favorite picnic spot. This was contructed by P.Abdul Gani for HDMC project.

Sathodi & Mathodi Falls

It’s a beautiful place for trecking as well as watching falls which are nature gifted.

Sykes Point

From here you can watch beautiful nature and also enjoy magnificent Sun set.


This place has Shri Chennabasaveshwar temple and is a holy place. You can also watch Jog Falls, Yana, Om Beach( Gokarna) , Sahasra lingam etc.


Aadi Shankaracharya had established this ashram.