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Vishakapatnam Trip

The city popularly referred as The Jewel of the East Coast is situated between the twigs of nest of the hills of the Eastern Ghats seeing Bay of Bengal. Visakhapatnam is often also called The City of Destiny.

Visakhapatnam is named after the god of bravery and ruler of the planet Mars, Visakha. Yesterday's petite fishing town has today has come up into a mega-industrial hub. The credit goes to British who developed it as a port to send the rich mineral wealth from the India to foreign country. Vizag, another name of Vishakhapatnam, is one of the natural harbour in Asia.


Visakhapatnam experiences a tropical savanna climate. The temperature varies all round the year, swindling between 32oC (90oF) and 23oC (73oF).

Visakhapatnam can be visited throughout the year but the ideal time to visit there is in the months from November to February are the best times to visit the city, for its moderate temperatures and little rains

Tourist attractions in Visakhapatnam

Basically the city is enclosed with 3 hills which have shrines of the major religions of the country. Besides beautiful coastline many rivers like Godavari and Indravati flows proudly.

Visakhapatnam fantasise the tourists with many attractions in the city. There is lot of places to see as beaches, cliffs, parks, a zoological park and wildlife sanctuary and a submarine museum.

Kailashagiri Kailasagiri, Vishakapatnam

Kailashgiri is a charming destination for tourists. It is a park developed on hilltop which gives striking views of the Bay of Bengal, entire city and the Eastern Ghats. One of the must visit place is connected by ropeway from the bottom of the hill.


The admired shrine of Lord Narasimha, Simachalam has two intricate beautiful carved pavilions; one 16-pillared Natya mantapa and the other 96-pillared Kalyana mantapa. The Simhachalam temple is a marvel constructed by Gajapathi Kings of Orissa.

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, lies on the Beach Road spreads over 250 ha land is enclosed by mesmerizing hills and Bay of Bengal. The park houses about 700 animals belonging to about 89 species.

Beaches beaches in vizag, Vishakapatnam

Since Vizag is a port city it has number of beaches which are a craze among visitors. Beautiful Rishikonda Beach and Ramakrishna Beach lures tourists any day.

Dolphin's Nose

Vishakhapatnam is surrounded by 357 m high huge rock called the Dolphin's Nose. It is named so for its appearance which is similar to a Dolphin's nose. This huge rock also has a lighthouse. It is a major travel attraction for everyone coming to Vishakhapatnam.

Submarine Museum Submarine Museum, Vishakapatnam

INS Kursura has been developed as Asia's first submarine museum. It is another Attraction for visitors at Vishakhapatnam.

Other attractions

Mudasarlova Water Works and Park, Visakha museum and Matsyadarsini (an aquarium), VUDA park with a musical fountain, Tenneti park beach park and a number of Buddhist sites are the other places to see in Visakapatnam.

The scenic gardens, waterfalls and streams in Araku Valley is presents a capitivating views to tourists. This hill station located at the height of around 1000m, outside the city is too an important tourist destination.