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Guntur City Trip

Guntur holds pride of place blessed with an abundance of nature's treasures such as hills, valleys, rivers and beaches, an important region where Buddhism flourished in the early centuries. The cosmopolitan culture, the historical and modern artifacts, picturesque locales and delicious food is turning the place into a popular tourist destination.

Nagarjuna Sagar

Nestled in the most picturesque surroundings is the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam located 150 kms from Guntur. The utter size and magnitude of the dam leaves ones breathless and astounded. It is the largest masonry dam in the world with a height of 124 meters.

Ethipothala Falls

Ethipothala Waterfalls are on the Chandravanka River, a stream of the river Krishna. Amidst beautiful scenic surroundings, one can marvel at the shimmering water as it cascades down 70 feet into a lagoon.


Undavalli is on the banks of river Krishna close to Prakasam Barrage at Sitanagaram and is famous for its ancient four storied 'Rock-cut' temples and caves.


Macherla town is renowned for the Chennakesava Swamy temple built here during the reign of the Hiheya Kings. The annual festival, celebrated on a grand scale, attracts pilgrims and tourists from far and wide.

Ntr Manasa Sarovaram

This beautiful recreation centre named after Shri N.T. Rama Rao, is Spread over an area of 55 acres, NTR Manasa Sarovaram is exotically landscaped with flowerbeds, lawns, ponds and small hillocks.


Karampudi is the historical Chennakesava Swamy temple built by king Brahmanayudu, is located here. Weapons used during the Palnadu war have been carefully preserved here.


Chebrole is the site of one of India's rarest temple, Chaturmukha Brahma Devalayam. Other historical places of worship here are also worth a visit.

Uppalapadu Birds Sanctuary

This sanctuary is home to 40 species of migratory birds from Siberia which includes Pelicans, while Ibises etc.


Kondaveedu is historical fort was built during the reign of the Reddy Kings around the 10th century A.D. There are 21 stapes in the fort. A place of natural scenic beauty with natural wonders it is an ideal place for trekking.


Sitanagaram is located on the banks of river krishna with a vast sandy beach for recreation and leisure. The famous Someswara Swamy temple is situated here. According to the legend Lord Rama wept here for Sita when she was abducted by Ravana, hence the name Sitanagaram.


The Mangalagiri is famous for the renowned temple Lakshmi Narasimha, one of the nine incarnations of Vishnu. The devotees believe that the deity accepts only half the quantity of Panaka offered by devotees. There is a small Guards shrine in front resembling a chariot.

Undavalli Caves

The Undavalli caves are a classic example of Indian rock-cut architecture. The caves are a proper mix of Hindu and Buddhist cultures for the shrines that are carved are dedicated to Hindu deities while the structure of the caves represent Buddhist viharas.

Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary

Uppalapadu is a village near Guntur city known for the Bird Sanctuary. The water tanks in this village are a refuge to many species of birds including few endangered species like the spot-billed pelic.

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