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Thanjavur Tour

The Cholas Capital city, Granary of South India, and the rice bowl Of Tamil Nadu are few though incomplete ways of introducing the terrific city of Thanjavur. Even today in the era of technology Thanjavur remains a center for classical arts and music. Then there is the Tanjore style of painting! The Big Temple and the other famous temples in the district are known all over the world. The cultural, the architectural and the scholarly pursuits of these rulers are reflected in the great monuments like:

Places of interest in Thanjavur

Brahadeeswarar Temple (or) Big Temple:

The temple dedicated to Nandi, the Bull is a magnum opus of the appealing Cholas architecture. The mount of Lord Shiva i.e. Nandi has been made from a single granite rock. The Brahadeeswarar temple stands 216 ft. tall but it has been built in such a manner that throughout the day its shadow never falls on the ground! Its architecture is simple but beautiful.

Saraswathi Mahal Library:

This library has one of the most important oriental manuscripts and references collections, in India. Established around 1700 AD, the library contains a collection of over 44,000 palm leaf, and paper manuscripts in Indian and European languages. Over eighty per cent of its manuscripts are in Sanskrit, many on palm leaves, some very rare or even distinctive. This library is the endeavor of the three hundred years of collections by the Nayak and Maratha kings.

Royal Palace:

It is a magnificent palace, surrounded by huge fort walls. A large quadrangular courtyard leads into the palace complex. Outside the palace there is a seven-storied observation tower meant for the royal families. The Palace is home to the Mannar Saroboji Saraswathi Mahal Library, Art Gallery and Sangeetha Mahal.

Royal Museum:

The Royal Museum too is located in the Thanjavur Palace complex only. This museum houses mixed collections of manuscripts, weapons, utensils, stone sculpture, musical instruments and clothing that were used by the Royal Family of Thanjavur (Serfoji II).

Sivagangai Garden:A very beautiful park, located north of the big temple. It has a good collection of beautiful flower plants and birds and animals. There are children playing area at the heart of the park and also has a cute little train and a pond with Boating facility.

Tamil University:

Established in 1981, the university is affianced in research and advanced study in Tamil. Tamil University Museum has a collection coins and musical instruments.

Schwartz Church:

The 18th century Schwartz Church is a bequest of Thanjavur's colonial past, standing to the east of the Shivaganga Tank.

Shivaganga Fort:

The fort contains the great Brahadeeshwara Temple, Schwartz Church, and Shivaganga Garden. The Shivaganga Tank in the fort was excavated by Rajaraja I and later renovated to provide drinking water for the City.

Rajagopala Beerangi (Cannon):

This is huge cannon, called 'Beerangi Medu'. The Cannon is amazing in size and the quality speaks of the metallurgical knowledge of the people of those times. The Beerangi is the biggest in India.

Tholkappiyar Sadukkam:

This is actually a Square that encloses a tower. The tower offers a panoramic view of the bustling Thanjavur Town.