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Alleppey Tour

Area: 70.48 sq. km
Altitude: Sea level

Cilmate (deg C): Summer- Max 35, Min 22.5; Winter- Max 32, Min 22.
Rainfall : 254 cm.
Languages: Malayalam and English
STD Code : 0477.

History Of Alleppey

During the reign of Dharmaraja the district was improved by all means. Raja Kesava Das, the then Diwan of Travancore who was known as the "Maker of modern Alleppey" made Alappuzha a premier port town of Travancore. He constructed several roads and canals to improve communications and built warehouses. He gave all facilities to merchants and traders from far and near. During the reign of Balaramavarma Maharaja, Velu Thampi Dalava took keen interest in the development of the town and port. He brought the whole area of the island Pathiramanal under coconut cultivation and large tracts under paddy cultivation. The role of Velu Thampi Dalava in the development of Alappuzha is worth mentioning. In the 19th century the district attained progress in all spheres. One of the five subordinate courts opened in the state in connection with the reorganization of the judicial system by Colonel Munro was located at Mavelikkara. The credit of having the first post office and first telegraph office in the erstwhile Travancore state goes to this district. The first modern factory for the manufacture of coir mats and mattings was also established in 1859 at Alappuzha. The town Improvement Committee was set up in 1894.

Culture of Alleppey

The Alappuzha boat races are the most popular and an inseparable part of the delightful Kerala culture. The festivals of Kerala form an unbreakable thread that connects the religious traditions of the past with the present. Onam is the most important festival of Kerala and the celebrations that mark this harvest festival are an ideal reflection of the brilliant Kerala culture. Kerala Flexi Tours makes it possible for you to explore the wonderful Kerala culture which includes folk dances, traditional music, temple traditions, vibrant festivals, enigmatic rituals, a bounty of natural beauty and warmth etc.

Sightseeing in Alleppeyalappuzha-beach

Washed by the Arabian Sea and interlocked by a number of canals and bridges, Alappuzha is a pleasant and easygoing destination. A trip to this place during mid-December enables you take part in the festivities at the town temple. A walk through the streets makes you familiar with the Kerala style of architecture. The major destinations in the town include Kuttanad, Alappuzha Beach, Sea View Park, and Pathiramanal


The places around Alappuzha provide an equally interesting experience for the visitor. One gets insight into the region's past by visiting the palaces built here. Also a visit to the churches and temples gives one an idea of how religion fared in this region over the period of time. Some of the major excursions around Alappuzha are Arthunkal, Edatgya Church, Chavara Bhavan, Krishnapuram Palace, and Ambalapuzha Krishna temple.

Allapuzha Beachpathiramanal

A popular picnic spot, the Alappuzha beach is located near to the Alappuzha town. The pier, which extends into the sea here, is over 137 years old. One of the great fascinations for the visitors here is the nearby lighthouse and entertainment facilities at the Vijaya Beach Park. The park offers boating facilities and a children's park with toy train and bicycles.


For bird lovers, this small island on the backwaters of Alappuzha is a must visit. About a 1½-hour drive by motorboat from Alappuzha, Pathiramanal is a haven for hundreds of rare birds migrating from different parts of the world.

Pathiramanal is accessible only by boat as it is surrounded by the Vembanad Lake, stretching from Alappuzha to Kochi and the Kayamkulam Lake.


One of the prominent features of Alappuzha is the region called Kuttanad, the rice bowl of Kerala. Sandwiched between the sea and the hills, Kuttanad stretches for about 75 km It is believed to be the only place in the world where farming is done below sea level. SEA VIEW PARK

For those who love enjoying themselves by water, the Sea View Park is a place to visit while in Alappuzha. The park has a swimming pool and offers boating facilities.

Excursions for Alappuzha

Ambalapuzha Krishna Temple

A visit to this temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna, will enable Ambalapuzha-temple-pondyou to witness the typical temple architecture of Kerala. You can also get the glimpses of the town culture and taste payasam, if you happen to visit this place during the festival time of March.


Twenty-two kilometres north of Alappuzha near Sherthallai lies a pilgrim centre, Arthunkal. The town is known for the St. Andrews Church established by Portuguese missionaries. Every January the feast of St. Sebastian is held here.

Chavara Bhavan

About 6 km from Alappuzha and accessible only by boat, Chavara BhavanChavara Bhavan is the ancestral home of Kuriakose Elias Chavara. Today it is a holy shrine and spiritual resort where thousands of devotees gather for prayers. A 250-year-old historically important beacon of light is preserved here in its original form.

Edatgya Church

About 24 km from Alappuzha on the Alappuzha-Thiruvalla Road stands the Edatgya Church. Dedicated to St. George, the church was established in 1810. Pilgrims from all parts of South India visit this church during the annual festival held in the first week of May.

Krishnapuram PalaceKrishnapuram Palace

Forty-seven kilometres from Alappuzha lies Krishnapuram Palace, a rare specimen of the Kerala style of architecture. The palace had been the residence of the rulers of Kayamkulam kingdom. It was renovated some time in the 18th century and is complete with gabled roofs, narrow corridors and dormer windows. The palace has been declared a protected monument by the department of archaeology. One of the most fascinating exhibits here is the 49 sq. metre Gajendra Moksham, the largest single band of mural painting discovered in Kerala. The other attractions include a beautifully landscaped garden in the palace compound and a newly erected Buddha mandapam, where a statue of the Buddha is housed.

How to reach Alleppey

ByRoad: There are bus services operating from cities like Cochin, Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode, Chennai, Bangalore, Mysore and Coimbatore to Alappuzha.

By Rail: One can also reach Alappuzha from other cities like Kochi (Cochin), Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode, Chennai, Bengalooru(Bangalore), Coimbatore, Mumbai(Bombay), New Delhi, and Kolkata by train.

ByAir : Cochin International Airport is the nearest airport. Expect to pay about Rs. 450 for a taxi to get from Cochin airport to Cochin, then Bus or train to Alleppey. Alternatively come to airports at Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), Kozhikode (Calicut), Chennai, Bangalore and catch a train to Alappuzha.