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Area: 327 sq. km.Surat City

Altitude: 13 metres

Rainfall (mid-June to mid-September): 931.9 mm

Climate: Winter Temperature: Max 31 °C, Min 12 °C

Summer Temperature: Max 42 °C, Min 24 °C

Languages : Gujarati ,Hindi,Eglish
STD Code : (91) - 261
Best time to Visit : October to March



The west Indian city of Surat is situated in the state of Gujarat. A prominent port city since the ancient times, Surat has been gaining in importance with each passing year. Surat had been attracting traders and merchants from all corners of the world for its finest variety of silks and spices and thus became one of the country's most prosperous cities during the late 17th and early 18th century. Other accolades associated with the city include the establishment of the first ever warehouse by the British East India Company in the country in 1612. This is also the place from where pilgrims started their sail for the holy city of Mecca during the Mughal rule.

The city was established in 1496 by Mallik Gopi, a Hindu trader who was also the prime minister of Surat. The city was plundered many times during subsequent years but was prospered each time by local traders and merchants till the late 19th century when the establishment of several textile industries made it into one of the most flourishing Indian cities. Today, Surat is the main textile market in the country as also the hub of several multinational companies in India dealing in the field of petrochemicals, steel and cement.

Culturenavaratri dance

The festival will showcase the culture and traditions of eight north-eastern states of India in Surat as part of cultural exchange programme. Octave -09 which will be organised by Western Zone Culture Center (WECC) in Udaipur with other government bodies will be held from November 7-11.

The festival which aims to build cultural bonding among citizens of different states will showcase art, music, tapestry, craft, music and food of eight north-eastern states.The states which will take part in the festival are Assam, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur and Sikkim.

"Octave is a move to educate people about various cultures existing in India. The festival will include folk dances, rock band performance, costume shows, exhibition of musical instruments, theatre shows, exhibition of paintings, seminars and many more. A group of 600 people consisting artists, craftsmen, theater personalities, chefs, choral groups will take part in the event," LN Mantri, in-charge director of WECC, said. 


Sightseeing In Suratdandi

Close to Surat, Dandi is the place where Mahatma Gandhi carried out his famous salt Satyagraha. The salt Satyagraha is considered to be one of the major landmarks in India's freedom struggle which initiated a movement that continued until the British were finally forced to flee the country.

Gopipura is a tiny village lying close to Surat. The village is named afterGopipura Gopi, a local brahmin who is also considered to be the founder of Surat.

Winchester Museum
The Winchester Museum, named after Mr.Winchester, the collector of Surat during the British rule, houses a rare collection of articles relating to the history and geography of Surat, some dating back centuries.

The entire state of Gujarat has places that are replete with the memories of Mahatma Gandhi, the 'Father of the Nation'. Bardoli is one such place where Gandhiji launched the farmer's satyagraha in 1921 along with Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. SitWinchester Museumuated 34 km from Surat, the Swaraj Ashram at Bardoli has become an important pilgrimage over the years.

Ukai is a major irrigation project and dam site of the Gujarat Government. One of the largest dams in the country, it matches the great Bhakra Nangal dam of Punjab in terms of its height and water storage capacity. Ukai is situated just 94 km from Surat.

Another major tourist attraction around Surat, Bulsar is famous for the Vansada National Park. A complete dose of sensory pleasure for wildlife enthusiasts, the park houses a number of endangered animals and birds including leopards, tigers, panthers and wild boars.

Other Attractions In Surat


Other attractions around Surat include the Old Fort built by Muhammed Old fortTughlaq in the 14th century, Dumas seaside health resort (16 km), the palm fringed Hajira beach (28 km), Ubharat beach (42 km) and Tithal beach (108 km).

How To Reach Surat

By Air : The nearest airport is located at Vadodara which has several connections to and from other major Indian cities. Buses and hired taxis are easily available to reach Surat from Vadodara. An Indian Airlines daily flight from Delhi to Vadodara leaves Delhi at 6:00 AM and reaches Surat at 8:40 AM. For more information on flight timings and schedule, log on to

By Rail : The railway station at Surat is located just outside the main city. One of the major stations on the Delhi - Ahmedabad - Mumbai route, the daily trains from Delhi to Surat are Golden Temple Mail, Paschim Exp., Dehradun Exp. and FZR BCT Janta while those from Mumbai are Ahmadabad Exp., Suryanagari Exp., Gujarat Mail, Paschim Exp., Vadodara Exp., Avantika Exp., Bhavnagar Exp. and Sau Janata Exp.

By Road : An excellent network of roads connect Surat with other cities in Gujarat and Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Delhi.