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Tajmahal: Wonder of World

Connaught Place Connaught place, better known as CP happens to be the heart of shopping in New Delhi. It is the commercial hub of Delhi that was built in 1931.

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Goa: Basket of Exotic Beaches

Chandni Chowkis the major attraction for habitual shoppers.The market offers everything that shoppers might think to buy for embellishing oneself and home as well.

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Kerala: God's Own Place

South EX is Delhi's top most Shopping destination and hub to major brand stores.  All branded stores, local shops, great restaurants are in South Ex market.


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Tirupati Balaji: Sacred Pilgrimage


Karol Baghis located in the heart of,New Delhi.This is one of the oldest shopping areas of the city.  Karol Bagh is a big market.

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Recommended Tours

Lajpat Nagar


Lajpat Nagaris located near the Ashram Chowk in South Delhi.Lajpat Nagar Market is said to be a one-stop shop, as almost anything that you may conceive of buying, is available here.

Greater Noida

Jammu Kashmir

Greater Noida is an extension of Noida in NCR region.It is very popular among shoppers due to its shopping Malls.



Khajuraho is a place in Madhya Pradesh.Khajuraho has set of beautiful temples. The temples demonstrate great architecture. Each and every corners of these temples and sculptures is a master pieces.

Gurgaon Malls


Gurgaon has become one of the most important corporate and industrial hubs of Haryana.It is also very popular among shopoholics

Metro Walk Mall


Metro Walk is a big shopping mall in Rohini New Delhi.It has everything from shopping and food court to fun place for kids.

Dilli Haat

Andaman & Nicobar

Dilli Haat is a place for shopping in Delhi.The shops are designed in village style which gives shoppers a diffrent type of shopping experience to shoppers