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The amazingly beautiful Lakshadweep is a group of 36 small Islands in the Arabian Sea. It is the smallest Union Territory of India. The charming Lakshadweep is densely covered with coconut palms and is serenely set in aquamarine sea.

The Lakshadweep islands are the India's only coral islands. Due to inadequate drinking water only 10 of the 36 islands are inhabited. The islands are influenced ethnically partially by Malyali and partially by Srilankan culture.

Summer temperature ranges from 35 degrees centigrade to 22 degrees centigrade and winter temperature between 32 degrees centigrade to 20 degrees centigrade. The best time to visit is from October to May. During monsoons, ship-based tourism is temporarily shunned and instead helicopter services are available.

The abode of peace and scenic natural beauty is on of the top beach destinations of India. The sound of waves hitting the beaches and chirping of seabirds is a pleasure to hear. The pristine beaches are an ideal spot for water sports. A tour to enchanting tourist spots of Lakshadweep is grabbing everyone’s sight.

Tourist Places in Lakshadweep


The beautiful and tranquil Kavaratti is the capital of Lakshadweep. The white sandy beaches, beautiful turquoise lagoon are a retreat for water sports lovers. Other tourist attractions are marine aquarium and the Dolphin Drive Center is tempting for visitors. There are more than 50 mosques in the island. The woodcarving of the Ujira mosque is spectacular.


Minicoy is the second largest island of Lakshadweep and is characterized by the crescent shape. One of the largest lagoons serves at site for Tuna fishing. The lighthouse is another attraction for the tourists in Lakshadweep.

The northern part of the island, Viringili, was earlier used to isolate small pox patients and therefore known as Smallpox Island.


For soul stirring view of the coral reefs, you have to come to Agatti. Agatti is the western island of Lakshadweep covered with coconut trees. The large and beautiful lagoon has coral growths and multicoloured fish and is seen as an idyllic place for fishing.


Kalpeni is a fine tourist place where a range of activities such as swimming, reef-walk or water-sports on kayaks, sail boats & pedal boats can be pursued. The landscape beauty of this place is unmatched.

The island has three uninhabited islets- Cheryam, Tilakkam and Pitti. The reef that connects Cheryam and Kalpeni is an excellent place for walking.


Androth fills the entire ring reef. The island is thickly populated with coconut trees. This island was the first to cuddle Islam.


This oblong island almost fills the entire ring reef, leaving only a very shallow and narrow lagoon around. Amini Island is famous for its craftsmanship. The walking sticks made of tortoise and coconut shells and stone carvings on coral rock are the popular crafts.

The folks love songs; hence boat songs sung by the community are very popular.


Bitra is the smallest inhabited island in the territory. The shrine of Malik Mullah, is a place of pilgrimage.

Other important islands of the chain include Kiltan, Bangaram, Suheli, Kadmat, Pitti and Chetlat.