Tourist Destinations

Gurgaon - The commercial tourist hub

Location and History:

Some years back it was known as a sleepy and dull suburb of Delhi, but today it has become fastest developing town in India. It has become the hub of many new businesses and it is growing fast in IT fields. There is a mythological tale regarding this city, that it was gifted by the Kauravas and the Pandavas to their Guru as homage. At present it has become the leading commercial as well as residential centre in the outskirts of Delhi. Though not many scenic places or sight seeing places are there in Gurgaon, the major attractions are the various malls, multiplexes and many brand outlets.

Places to see:

About 15km. from Gurgaon, is the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, A variety of migratory birds can be spotted here around the natural lake. Founded by Dr. Salim Ali, it is a real treat for the eyes of passionate bird watchers. There are about 100 species of birds found here and the watch towers and a museum are also attractions for curious tourists. Winter is the best time for a visit to this sanctuary. The next tourist spot is the Damdama Lake which is a very pretty and eye catching spot. The Water Banks is a luxurious resort that provides all the comforts and water sports like hot air ballooning and boating facilities.

Another interesting spot is the Sheetala Devi Temple which has recently emerged as a popular tourist destination. Also known as 'Shakti Peeth' , it is a beautiful Hindu temple. It is visited by many devotees throughout the year. A few from Gurgaon leads to another small town known as Nuh, a place of historical significance. Some noteworthy tourist attractions are shaking towers , Sheikh Musa’s tomb, the red sandstone masonry tank exhibiting both Muslim and Rajput architectures.

The Bhondsi forest reserve in the Bhondsi village is a very attractive place to visit. The white statue of Lord Shiva standing on top of a mountain here is a spectacular scene to watch .during the early dusk hours, the scenic beauty of the forests can be a mesmerizing view. This place is the perfect destination for flora and fauna lovers too. The tourist’s shopping appetite can be fulfilled in Gurgaon which is also called the unofficial Mall Capital of India. Various shopping brand outlets, cars and many flourishing industries quenched the thirst of many shopping freaks. The Hi-Tech Malls, discos, pizza corners are the main attractions of today’s youth. Gurgaon is a place for both nature lovers as well as those who want to just freak out.