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Pilani Tour - Hometown of Birla's

Pilani is a town in the Jhunjhunu district in Rajasthan, India. Once a small village, is now famous for being the hometown of the premier business and industrial family, the Birla's. It is the home of the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, the CEERI (Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute), and several other schools.

The town is also known for The Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS, Pilani), an all-India Institute for higher education. Its engineering college is reputed to be among the top ten colleges in India. Late Mr. G.D. Birla - an eminent industrialist and an associate of Mahatma Gandhi founded the Institute.

How to reach here:

Pilani is well connected by road from Delhi (210 km) and Jaipur (220 km). If travelling by car/taxi from Delhi then it takes about 4.5 hours depending on route taken.

Pilani is not accessible by rail, the nearest rail stations are Chirawa (16 km) and Loharu (25 km) in Haryana.

Weather conditions

Pilani is known for its extreme climate. Summer temperatures reach up to 50 degree Celsius from May to July, while winter temperatures reach sub-zero levels between December and January. Months of October and March are generally considered the most pleasant.

Places of interest:

Sharada Peeth is a temple of goddess Saraswati made of marble built over 40 years ago, it has got some amazingly beautiful and variety of sculptures carved. The workmanship is extravagant.

Shiv Ganga is a central beauty spot of the Vidya Vihar Campus with a 400 meter circular canal.

Birla Museum is adjacent to the Institute Building. It is the first science and technology museum established in the country. Most of the exhibits and models incorporate stimulating animations and visual effects.

The town was birthplace of India's famous and influential industrialist, GD Birla. His ancestral residence is located in Pilani. The Birla Guest House and other important old structures are located here. One of the guest houses, called the "Vishram Vatika", which is now open for public, was earlier used by Birla's distinguished guests.

It is said that the celebrated king Raja Chand established the village. The ruins of the temple also speak of the 10th century architectural and sculptural styles. There is a massive tank named "Chand Baori", opposite to the temple equipped on all four sides with bastions for defense.

Pilani will also be known for the country’s next assembling centre for the prestigious BrahMos missiles, for which the State Government has already allocated 80 hectares of land near Pilani town.