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Tour to Bhilwara

Bhilwara in Rajasthan was established 300 to 400 yrs ago, but due to rulers confrontation, Bhilwara was destroyed many times. It finally flourished in Eighteenth Century. Bhilwara is now the one of the trading city. Bhilwara is known as land of Courage and Sacrifice and is a Mewar Acchal Trading centre.

Important Places to Visit

Mejha Dam

It is water reservoir for Bhilwara localites having a capacity of 30 feet. A rest house of Irrigation Department with swimming pool and swings for children makes it a picnic and party place during rainy season. This is the largest dam in the whole city.

Harni Mahadev

A Shivling is situated under a large stone near the water fall, beneath the green mountains, which is a pilgrim for Bhilwara residents. At the top of the hill, Chamunda Mata’s temple is situated, from where you can view complete city.


Menal is believed to be the religious place. There is a waterfall, which falls from a height of 150 feet into V-Shaped Valley with great force, which can be heard from long distance during rainy season. Mahanaleshwar Temple built by Chauhan Rulers, has a huge statue of Lord Shiva with ceiling embossed with ancient quotations.

Joganiya Mata

Joganiya Mata temple is situated in the middle of the dense forest built in 8th Century. People scare to visit this place. Dacoits and Drunkards started offering animal sacrifices, which has became regular habit. Due to effort of Jain Sadhvi, Mewar Sihni Yaskanwarji, animal sacrificing and drinking were stopped. Later this place for developed with Dharamshalas , shops, water and electricity was also supplied.


The place where 3 rivers, Menali’s, Bards and Badach meets is called Triveni Chauraha. During rainy season, Lord Shiva’s temple is submerged in water. People from different places come to dip in this holy water during Amawas, Poornima, Kartik and Magh month.

Mangalgarh Fort

This fort is about 1850 feet of height above sea level and 1 Km in length. This fort is naturally secured with number of temples of god and goddesses.


Farmers fought for their rites against Landlords, which was also supported by Gandhiji, and after 10 years, farmers were given their rights. Bijolian was known after this Kissan movement.


This place is famous for painters, who have won many national awards. You can find 700 year old painting here. This was the main center for International Ramsnehi Sampraday and also the place from where Barhat family had belonged, who contributed to our freedom struggle.

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