Location: Himachal Pradesh
Area: 13sq.Kms
Significance: Immense Trekking Opportunities .
Altitude: 1854m above sea level
Climate: Summer 27°C - 30°C, Winter 10°C - 0°C .
Best Time to Visit: Mid-May to Mid-October

Main Attractions: Panchpula, Kalatop - wild life sanctuary, Khajjiar, Chamba

The hill station of Dalhousie in western Himachal Pradesh is full of old world charm and carries enduring echoes of the British Raj. It covers an area of about 14 sq km and is set amidst five hills Kathlog, Potreyn, Tehra, Bakrota and Balun. Dalhousie is favourite among those who seek loneliness and tranquility. The place is remarkably crime free.

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Dalhousie has serenity with its own distinctive flavor. Attractive cottages and villas cling to the deodar and pine mantled hills of Dalhousie. Pink and red rhododendrons are in bloom. The trees are decent in different shades of green. There is no swirl of traffic. The shops are small and trim. Embroidered Chamba shawls are specialty of the region. Tourists also apprise Chamba chappals embroidered with gold thread, cane baskets, colorful woolens, and life-like Chamba dolls. Piles of walnuts and red, black and green Chamba chilies embellish many shop fronts.

The clouds come skimming down and dawdle amongst the mountains for a moment. The next moment, they begin playing hide and seek with the Dhauladhars, changing the shape of the skyline with astonishing rapidity.

Dalhousie has a number of period buildings. Most of them are occupied by state Government offices officials. Jandrighat, the summer palace of the Raja of Chamba is a well maintained construction.

There are a number of good public schools in Dalhousie. The best is the Sacred Heart School of the Belgium nuns. Besides there are another half a dozen schools, which attract the wards of the affluent and well to do families from India and abroad.

Major Tourist Attractions in Dalhousie

Subhash Baoli

At a distance of 1 km is Subhash Baoli, an enchanting spot surrounded by majestic trees. Subhash Chandra Bose spent a lot of time in 1937, contemplating and meditating at this place, giving it the name of Subhash Baoli.


About 3 km from Dalhousie is Panchpula, a picturesque spot where a stream feeds a series of pools. A monument has been built here in memory of the freedom fighter, Sardar Ajit Singh.


A wild life sanctuary, is a home to the 'ghoral' and Himalayan black bear.


On the way to Panchpula, these seven springs are reputed to have great therapeutic value as they contain mica with medicinal properties.


It is an enchanting saucer shaped meadow fringed by cedar trees of great antiquity and stateliness. Khajjiar, known as one of the "most charming spots in the Himalayas", derives its name it is said from its ancient, golden domed temple of Khajinag. A picturesque golf course adds to the exquisite beauty of this pretty spot.


There are four beautiful churches in Dalhousie, which are a beauty in themselves.


56 km drive from Dalhousie Often described as "a jewel of the Himalayas", Chamba sheered in legends and guarded by rich forests, is named after a beautiful princess - Champavati. Some say that Chamba was so named because of the profusion of fragrant Champa flowers in the area.

Other nearby places of Dalhousie to visit are Palampur, Baijnath, Bir And Billing, Triund, Dharamsala, Upper Dharmsala/Mcleodganj, Lower Dharamsala Etc