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Jaisalmer, which is also known as "The golden city" is located in Rajasthan. In history it was a princely state. The town is situated in the heart of India's biggest "Thar desert". The population of Jaisalmer is around 78000 according to the census of 2001. Jaisalmer district is the administrative headquarters for Jaisalmer. The town was named after Rao Jaisal Yadav, the founder and king of Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer is called Golden city because its yellow sand gives yellowish golden tinge to Jaisalmer city and its surrounding area.

Places to visit in Jaisalmer:

Jaisalmer Fort:

In the year 1156 on Trikuta hill the fort was built by Bhati ruler Jaisal. Satyajit Ray, the famous film director wrote a detective novel on this Fort which later became base of his movie Sonar kella or the Golden Fort. In this fort the main attraction you will find is Rajmahal and the temples of Laxminath and Jain temples. The walls of this fort are of lion color which turns to honey-gold at the time of sun sets


Havelis are the major attraction of Jaisalmer. The main Havelis are:

Salam Singh ki Haveli: This Haveli was built by Salam Singh in year 1815. He was the prime minister of Jaisalmer at that time. The arched roofs decorated with peacock formed brackets draws the attention of anyone to this Haveli.

Patwo ki Haveli: - This is largest and most attractive Haveli of Jaisalmer. It's a five story complex which took 50 years to complete. This haveli was built by a rich merchant Guman Chand Patwa and his five sons.

Nathmalji ki Haveli: This was again built by a Prime Minister Nath Singh of princely state of Jaisalmer. It's decorated with beautiful ornamentation of birds, elephants, flowers, soldiers, steam engine and a bicycle.

Shreenath ji ki Haveli: In 15th century this Haveli was built by Vyas family and their descendants are living here today. In remaining portion it runs a hotel - Haveli Shreenath Palace. Only five rooms are available here.

Jain heritage of Jaisalmer:

Jaisalmer was always inhabited by many jain families and as an impact of this, we can see the beautiful jain temples dedicated to Lord Sai Nath - 16th teerthankar and Lord Parshvanath- 23rd Teerthankar. Brahmsar, Pokharan, Lodavra and Amarsagar are the other pilgrimage center.


Jaisalmer is connected with all major cities of the country via rail as well as buses and the internal transport of city depends on autos, buses and personal vehicles.

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