Andaman and Nicobar Destinations

Visit Andaman and Nicobar islan for Honeymoon, beaches, Scuba diving, surfing.

Summary of attractions

  • Radhanagar Beach on Haveloack Island
  • Car Nicobar
  • Indira Point
  • Mahatama Gandhi Marine National Park
  • Katchal Island
  • Cellular Jail in Port Blair
  • Elephanta Beach
  • Neil Island
  • Ross Island
  • Jolly Buoy Island
  • Kala Pathar Beach
  • Chidiya Tapu
  • Sitapur Beach on Neil Island
  • Port Blair

    Port Blair (About this sound pronunciation (help�info)) is the capital of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, a union territory of India situated in the Bay of Bengal.
    Port blair is selected as 1 of 100 India cities to be developed as smart cities.
    History Its seafront Cellular Jail (known as Kala Pani), completed in 1906, describe its past as a British penal colony. Now it has become a memorial to Indian independence activists. In this jail British used to prision and execute freedom fighter. It is shocking and disturbing to see overall architecture and the extremely small and suffocating jail cells. Inland, the Samudrika Marine Museum showcases local marine life.
    The Anthropological Museum focuses on the islands� indigenous tribes.
    Mount Harriet
    Corbyn's Cove
    Bartang Island
    Japanese Bunker
    Bird island (called Chidya tapu in Hindi)

    Take a day trip to cinque island. It is perfect for snorkeling. Even beginners can try it.

    Best time

    Best time to go to port Blair is between March and May: This is best time for diver�s. The heat is not mild and temperature range between 28 degree Celcius and 30 degree Celcius.
    Port Blair is famous for Cellular jail memorial and Museums on island.

    Havalock Island

    Havalock island is wonderful. If you like beaches, scuba diving, snorkeling - this is place to go.

    Neil Island

    Neil island has wondeful beaches, sea life. Here you can do Scuba diving, snorkeling. Honeymoon couple likes it too

    Car Nicobar

    Car Nicobar (Pu in the local language) is the northernmost of the Nicobar Islands.
    Car Nicobar falls in between Little Andaman and Nancowrie. The area south to the Ten-degree channel comes under Car Nicobar headquarters.
    It has tropical weather.
    This is islad where 50% of Andamand and Nicobar island popular live.
    If you want to see villages and loal people - this is place to go.

    Middle Andaman

    Middle Andaman Island - As name indicate it is the central island. Its total is 1,536 km.
    Population of Middle Andaman consists of Bengali, Tamil and Keralite settlers. The island is also home to many of the indigenous Jarawa people. Most of people here are farmers.

    Middle Andaman's main towns are Rangat, Billiground, Kadamtala, Bakultata and Betapur.
    Middle Andaman is separated from North Andaman by Austen Strait, and from Baratang Island at the south by Homfray's Strait, both shallow and narrow channels, a few hundred metres wide; and from Interview Island at its west by the navigable Interview Passage.[1]
    The island's coastline was inundated by the tsunami resulting from the Indian Ocean earthquake (26th Dec 2004).

    Indira Point

    Indira Point is a village in the Nicobar district of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is located in the Great Nicobar tehsil which is at outhernmost point of India's territory.
    The point was formerly known as Pygmalion Point and Parsons Point. It was renamed in honour of Indira Gandhi (former prime minister of India) during mid-1980s

    North Sentinel Island

    North Sentinel Island is one of the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal. It lies to the west of the southern part of South Andaman Island. Most of the island is forested. It is small, located away from the main settlements on Great Andaman, surrounded by coral reefs, and lacks natural harbours.
    This island is considered worl hardest place to visit.
    People Small number of indigenous people, the Sentinelese, live on North Sentinel Island. Estimated population is from 50 to 400 individuals. The Sentinelese reject any contact with other people, and are among the last people to remain virtually untouched by modern civilization Part of India but soverign Since 1947, India has administered the island as part of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands Union Territory.[14] However, because there has never been any treaty with the people of the island, nor any record of a physical occupation whereby the people of the island have conceded sovereignty, the island exists in a curious state of limbo under established international law and can be seen as a sovereign entity under Indian protection. It is, therefore, one of the de facto autonomous regions of India.


    Garacharma is town in Andaman and Nicobar island. It has population of 10000 Surpisingly Garacharma has an average literacy rate of 74%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: