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Covelong Beach in Chennai

Covelong Beach Chennai


The beach is a famous beach Covelong of Mahabalipuram Road in Chennai. Is at a distance of miles, about forty, but unlike Chennai's Marina beach or Eliot, is transformed into a luxury resort. The beach is home to Fisherman's Cove Resort run by the Taj group. Because it is less crowded than their counterparts, the beach is very clean and uncontaminated. The villas of the town have been made in the sand stations. The beach Covelong great historical significance attached to it. It has been a port built by the Nawab of Carnatic. The French arrived in Chennai in this way led by French General Laboudonnais. There are beautiful monuments such as churches, mosques, forts that can be found here.

Elliot's Beach in Chennai

Elliot's Beach Chennai
TElliot Beach it is located in Besant Nagar is 60 km from Chennai. The Elliot Beach, near Chennai is a destination for people seeking relief from the crowded city life of Chennai. Elliot Beach is popularly known as Bessie. "Elliot Beach is located in a quiet and clean surrounding. Elliot Beach, near Chennai is much cleaner than the Marina Beach and offers a wide choice of restaurants and fast food for you to enjoy while watching the waves of the ocean. You can see many people parking at some meters from the beach in Chennai Elliot. Elliot Beach is located south of Marina Beach where you can spend hours relaxing and swimming in the sun. You can even make sandcastles or simply stroll along the beach.
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Marina Beach in Chennai

Marina Beach chennai

 The beach also offers plenty of sports such as windsurfing, swimming and other water sports. The waters are clear and clean sand. The beach is a refuge for people Covelong popular along the Coromandel coast. The place is blessed with great beauty that is long and thick pieces of palm trees, which gives plenty of shade and beauty to the environment. Covelong village is a quiet village where one can experience in and quiet. Covelong beach is particularly important because it is the only beach around Chennai, which is less congested. Marina Beach is the most famous beach in Tamil Nadu, and is located in the city of Chennai. The beach is considered one of the largest beaches in India and worldwide.

The beach stretches over a distance of 12 km and a width considerably larger. It starts at Fort St. George in the north, and extends to Besant Nagar in the south. This sandy beach is not only popular among runners in the morning, but it is a must for tourists. The roadside along the beach of La Marina is characterized by a series of statues of famous leaders and personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Thiruvalluvar, Sir Thomas Munro, Kamarajar, Periyar and the Statue of work. Apart from that, there is Anna Square, the burial place of former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Dr. CN Annadurai. Moreover, only a short distance you will find this a beautiful park and monument dedicated to Mgr Ramachandran, a former actress-cum-politician. The monument is a column impressive and the eternal flame. In addition, Marina Beach is a man-made fountain in the park and increase its glory. You can also see the aquarium and swimming pool nearby. An aquarium is a lot of sea and freshwater fish. The south coast is marked by the lighthouse, which offers panoramic views of the city. Marina Beach is full of people in the morning and evening, when it is full of stalls selling food and various vendors.