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StMary's Church in Chennai



StMary'sChurch in Chennai

 To make your Madras trip exciting as well as informative visit this multi-purpose site. An exciting trip without any learning of that place is useless. After some years you are sure to forget it. While a trip full of scholarly learning and enlightenment is too boring. Plan your trip in such a way so that you will get a clear picture of the ancient history, the rich cultural heritage of India as a whole. Also the trip and the sightseeing places should suit your taste and preferences. Here we will be giving you information about a church, which is situated in the fort St. George. A Trip to the fort St. George place is itself interesting as it has a vast history behind it. Also it can be a favorite hangout for the history-lovers. Trip to the St. Mary's Church in Madras is very easy as it is situated in the city itself. You can hire deluxe coaches, call taxis, which though rates higher, compared to the cheap auto rickshaws are quite comfortable and prompt in service. If you hiring the auto rickshaws be careful about the fares even if they are metered.


The St. Mary's Church has its own importance. It is also called as the Westminster Abbey of the East. It is one of the ancient buildings of Chennai and also it is the first Anglican Church in Asia. The church has been named as St. Mary because its origin was laid down on the Annunciation day of the Virgin Mary. It is believed that in this divine day the heavenly declaration of Jesus birth has been announced to Mother Mary. The church was originally built by William Dixon and designed by Edward Fowle. It is a bomb-proofed carved structure, which has the finishing touch of polished lime. The building of St. Mary's church had some later additions like the Sanctuary, Steeple, Tower and the Vestry. Colonel Gent added the church top in 1795. The interior of the church is embellished with the wooden and glass furnishings. You are sure to be overwhelmed by the intricate painting of the Last Supper, which is drawn by an unknown artist.