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A Tour to Sirsa

Sirsa is a town located in the westernmost region of Indian State Haryana. According to the history this city was known by many names such as, ancient name was Sairishaka as mentioned in Mahabharata, It is said that in 7th century AD a king called ‘Saras’ founded the town and built a fort. As per the evidences mentioned in many historic books it was also known as Sarsuti and Sirsapattan. The Sirsa district has 323 villages and is divided into 3 sub-divisions that is Sirsa, Dabwali and Ellenabad, and four Tehsils such as Mandi Dabwali, Sirsa, Raina and Ellenabad. It is also the birthplace of Lt.Devi Lal Chaudhary a freedom fighter and also the former chief minister of Haryana. The district is known for its production of cotton and citrus fruit.

How to Reach

Sirsa does not have an airport or station of its own the nearest airport is Hyderabad 268 km from Sirsa, which is well connected with rest of the cities in India and the nearest station is Ramgondam 66 km from Sirsa. There are bus facilities available to reach Sirsa by road.

Places of Interest

Arnian Wali is 8 km from Sirsa having a mound measuring of10 feet high built on 4 acres of land. It has the remains of pottery of ancient history.

Sikanderpur is 12 km from Sirsa has two mounds 1 km apart measuring 30 feet high. One can find heavy sculptures on the stones slaps, such as specimens of temple, Lord Shiva, Indra etc. It also has the wares of medieval and pottery of Rang Mahal.

Suchan is 16 km from Sirsa also has the remains of pottery of Rang Mahal and medieval wares.

Mangiana is located 13 km from Mandi Dabwali has a mound of 15 feet high having the remains of ancients wares.

Saint Baba Bihari Samadhi is situated in a beautiful garden in the western part of Sirsa.

Tomb of Khawaja Pir is built in the memory of Khawaja Abdul Shankar who accompanied Mohammed Ghori and resided in India. it is also said that Guru Nanak Dev resided in this place for 40 days along with his disciples.

Dera Sacha Sauda is located on the Begu road, was built by Shah Mastana a Saint in 1948 consisting 600 Rooms, A Huge Hall and A Big Ground.

Dera Baba Sarsai Nath Temple; It is said that once Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan visited the Dera Baba Sarsai Nath for blessings for his ailing son. The emperor built a dome and donated land to the temple.The Dera has the temples of Shiva and Durga.