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Rohtak History

Rohtak is mind municipality of Haryana. It is situated seventy kilometers West New Delhi and two hundred ten kilometers South of the Chandigarh. The Rohtak has been noticeable as a City of Satellite and National district of New Delhi. Rohtak is the city of educational hub. There are number of well-known schools and institute that are come in rank .Some of the top school name like Indian Institute of Management that come in top Indian institute. Rohtak name comes from Rohtashgarh that becomes the region of Haryana. usually Rohtak is word come after Raja Rohtash. Thus, the city is present or built at the time of raja rohtash reign.

Rohtak Town

The total area of Rohtak is 1745 kilometer sq. The population according to 2001 is 940,128. This city grows in the field of education and industries hub. Haryana state has urbanized a township for the industries .This township is cover an area of 3,000 acres. In Rohtak area Haryana state has developed the industrial township. Some of the industries are Maruti Suzuki , Hitech Plastics Limited ,Asian Paints Limited and more. In Rohtak town there is the sport complex sector. This sport sector includes number of sports like Cricket Pavilion, Boxing Hall, Soccer Stadium, Hockey Ground, Wrestling Hall , Swimming Pool and more.

Rohtak schools and universities

Rohtak is the place famous for top schools and universities. It is the place of education hub. The Rohtak schools are, Model School, D.A.V. Centenary Public School, and Model School, The Sanskriti School, Wonderland Public School, Shiksha Bharti Senior Secondary School, D.A.V. Centenary Public School and lot more. The Rohtak universities are Vaish College of Engineering, Maharishi Dayanand University, Matu Ram Institute Of Engineering & Management, Indian Institute of Management , Chhotu Ram College, Sanskriti College of Education and lot more.

Rohtak Economy

Economy of the municipality is primary factor. In Rohtak around 51.89 percent of the sum employees are busy in farming and related actions. In Rohtak 7.68 percent are busy in hut and domestic industries and the others are busy in other actions .The cultivators of Rohtak region are fairly progressive and consequently, automation and acceptance of contemporary machinery in agricultural are ahead impetus . The insist for tractors , devices like versatile threshers, weeding wheels, hoeing and seed tool and lot more rising continually. likewise, there are number of pump set and tube well in the Rohtak .