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Panipat Tour

About 90 km from the capital city of Delhi and 135 km from the beautiful city of Chandigarh lays the ancient and historical city of Panipat. Panipat marked the turning point of Indian History by the three important battles fought here. The historic name of Panipat was panduprashtha as it was found by the pandava brothers according to the Mahabharata.


About 90 km from Delhi, is situated this ancient city of historical importance known as Panipat, on the Shershah Suri Marg, now known as the grand trunk road. This city is situated in the state of Haryana. On three sides, Panipat district touches the other three important districts of Haryana, Karnal, Jind and Sonepat respectively. It is situated on the banks of river Yamuna.


Three pivotal battles were fought here which changed the scenario of Indian history. The first battle of Panipat marked the beginning of Mughal rule. One of the first battles using gun powder, field artilleries and fire arms. The second battle marked the restoration of Mughal power in India. And the third battle of Panipat marked the end of Mughal Empire and cleared the way of British supremacy in India.


Panipat is a very big industrial centre. It is famous for its textiles and carpet industries. Quality blankets and carpets are manufactured here in large scale. The well known pickle ‘Achar Pachranga’ since a century. K.t.fibres, a huge industry which produces yarns for textiles, is situated at Panipat. It is also the biggest centre of producing shoddy yarn and also the large consumer of rags. A small town near Panipat called, samalkha, is famous for its foundry. A well known bakery, Kwalitys has its origin in Panipat. There are three major public sector projects here. Low priced blankets are also produced only at Panipat, a good supplier to the armed forces.

Places of attraction

There are many places of attraction here at Panipat, both of historical importance as well as of scenic beauty. Places of historical value are “ Panipat’s Battle Museum,” Hemu’s Samadhi-sthal,” the tomb of Ibrahim lodhi, Devi mandir, Kabuli Bagh, Kala Amb, Salur Gunj Gate and many others. The Kala Amb meaning black mango is a lovely sightseeing place. It is a place for nature lovers especially on weekends for gossips and fun. A number of malls have come up too like the famous Mittal Mega Mall and Angel Prime Mall. There are still upcoming projects of these kinds in the near future.

The six lanes 10km expressway known as the Panipat elevated expressway has been built to ease the traffic congestion between Delhi-Amritsar road. So we come to the conclusion that historically as well as politically, this ancient city is very important for the Indians.