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Manesar Tour

History and location

Manesar is fast developing industrial town in Gurgaon district of Haryana.It is situated in the lower Aravalli ranges. With beautiful green surroundings all around it, Manesar is a perfect place for a family weekend. It is located on a slight elevated ground or say hill-top. There are many malls, offices, business complexes and factories at Manesar. There are many sight seeing places but some of them clash with that of Gurgaon. Some people even regard Manesar as the ‘new Gurgaon’. Many important head offices of Delhi are located here like the National Bomb Data Centre, Brain Research Centre and the National Security Guards Training Centre. In the beginning Malesar was a sleepy small town with about only a 1000 dwellings but after the nineties it has boomed into a fast town. About 10,000 people work in Manesar for their daily livings.

Places to see-

Although there are not many places to visit in Manesar, but still one unique aspect of Manesar are its residential complexes both for executive and non- executive people. Each residential complex has been transformed into a mini city having its own beauty parlour, shopping centers, departmental stores, gyms, swimming pools, health clubs and other recreational clubs. All are worth visiting. Tourists coming to Manesar also make a must to visit the unofficial mall capital of the country; Gurgaon.The Manesar village on the outskirts of the city is a sight worth visiting. It has all the comforts and pleasures that a typical Rajasthani Haveli should have. With sophisticated rooms and many cuisines with a Rajasthani essence, this place is a perfect one for holiday lovers who seek comfort as well as pleasure.

Some other places-

The Palace of Nawab Pataudi is also a major tourist attraction spot of historical importance regarding his ancestors. A few km. from Manesar takes one to Farukh nagar where one can see a mosque built in red stone. It represents the Mughal period of architecture which is worth seeing. Situated a few km. from Manesar is the famous Sultan Bird Sanctuary where you can catch a glimpse of many rare and migratory water birds. One can also enjoy boat rides and hot balloon rides as well as camel rides at Dumduma Lake, a place near to Manesar. A hot water sulphur spring with immense medicinal properties cans e seen at Sohna, again a place close to Manesar. Sheikh Musa’s Tomb which is a fusion of Muslim and Rajput architecture is also a popular tourist destination from Manesar. This tomb is located in the small village of Nuh.