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Kurukshetra Tourism


Kurukshetra is the Indian District of Haryana state covering 3.8% area of total area of the state or 1682 sq Km. the District is more known for his mythological and religious importance in the epic Mahabharata. The district lies in the plains of three rivers Saraswati, ghaggar and Markanda. The rivers make it to have alluvial soil. Its temperature is very hot around 45 degrees C in summers and markedly cold around three degrees C in winters. The district was created in the year 1973 separated from Karnal district. It's divided into two revenue sub states Pehowa and Thanesar and three tehsils. The district is famous as the Land of Gita. It's very pious place for Hindus and followers of lord Krishna.

Historical and religious importance:

As mentioned in the beginning Kurukshetra is the place of religious importance for Hindus and followers of Lord Krishna. According to the epic Mahabharata the 18 day battle of Mahabharata was fought in Kurukshetra. It is also called Dharmkshetra because the holy epic Gita was delivered here only before the battle. The district was named after Kuru the ancestor of Kauravas. As Mahabharata mentions that the descendants of Kuru were called Kaurav and descendents of Puru were called Pandavs. The battle was fought between Kauravas and Pandavas. Lord Krishna as charioteer of Arjun delivered the Karma theory to encourage him to fight the battle against Kauravas as it was a war of good and evil. Jyotisar is the place near Thanesar in district, which is believed as the exact place where Gita was delivered.

After Mahabharata, the Kurukshetra is also known for being a part of Harsha's empire which was a golden age and another historical importance of place is related to archaeology that painted greyware pottery has been found in the district.

Gurudwara 6th Pathshahi makes it as an important place for Sikh religion as well. Gurudwara was built to commemorate the visit of all Sikh Gurus to this place. This is one of very few places visited by all Sikh Gurus.

Tourism in Kurukshetra:

The places of interest can be divided into three categories in Kurukshetra as the district is not a newly born, but it has seen the ages. It can be divided into three categories: religious, archaeological and others.

Religious:- baan-ganga, jyotisar, sannihit tank, brahmsarovar, sthaneshvar mahadev, Bhishm kund, Bhandarkali temple, Nabhi kamal, Arnai temple, Saraswati tirath, Karan ka tila, Bir pipli, prachi tirath, etc. are the sites of religious importance which are mentioned in Mahabharata.

Sri Krishna museum, Gurudwara 6th Pathshahi, tomb of Sufi saint sheikh chaheli is other places of religious interest.

Archaeological:- the objectives of antiquarian interests have been found here. The remains of painted greyware pottery at the sites like Asthipura, Raja Karan ka Tila, Bhagpura, Bhor Saidan and Daulatpur.

Other:- Other places of interest are the colossal building worth 500 lac which can be seen from 5km, its science museum, modern kurukshetra university, engineering and medical college, big mandies, etc.

Kurukshetra is well - connected with most of the important cities of country via railways and road transportation both.